The Fund's Board of Directors and the Executive Advisory Committee are all volunteers. They include active and retired Deputy U.S. Marshals, former members of the Senior Executive Service, and business executives who are honored to give their time and resources to carry out this mission.

Board Of Directors

John Clark - Chairman
Michael J. Prout - Vice Chairman
John Patrignani - Treasurer
David L. Harlow - Secretary
Drenan Dudley
Dennis Munchel
Daniel J. O'Donnell
William H. Pickle
Arthur D. Roderick
William Sorukas
Robert J. Finan ll - Member Emeritus

Executive Advisory Committee

Michael J. Prout - Chair
Marla Caulk
Fidencio Rivera
Robert Rubin
Wendell C. Shingler
Edward Stubbs

Executive Director

Carl W. Caulk